Bottega Terry Pre Tie Adjustable

Bottega Terry Pre Tie Adjustable

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Our Terry line of headscarves is the newest and latest addition to our growing collection! Summer and hot days will not prevent you to enjoy our headgears. Made of 100% Terry materials- this wonder works like your towel! Perfect for outdoor activities during hot and summer days, these scarves will absorb all sweat or water after pool activities! Our Terry headscarves/headwrap/hijab/tichels are a must have! Equipped with tight grip and no slip, these scarves are also super absorbent and quick and easy to dry. Enjoy these head coverings during your island, water parks and swimming adventures! This will surely up your summer wardrobe!

All Terry scarves are made in our innovative Pre tied adjustable technology, featuring an adjustable drawstring to make these scarves truly fit anyone, pre tied and ready to throw on, and a grip bad sewn in.

For care, use mild products, wash in delicate cycle and air dry. Your scarf will be ready for next use in no time.