About Us

Tie ur Knot started as a Brooklyn based head wear and apparel company specializing in head scarves and other hair accessories. Since then, we have expanded to include a growing collection of different clothing lines, all under the T.U.K. brand.

Tie ur Knot was founded in 2019 with the idea of bringing a higher level of fashion and comfort to the head scarf industry. No matter why you’re shopping for head scarves - be it fashion, religion, health or otherwise - we want our customers to feel beautiful and proud to wear the Tie ur Knot brand.

At Tie ur Knot we are passionate about creating and designing our unique and stylish patterns with headscarves for every occasion. We work hard to make our products enjoyable to wear so our customers can feel confident in comfort.

Tie ur Knot is committed to selling a product that’s easy to use no matter the head. Head over to our tutorial section to learn all the different way to to tie your knot! Be sure to check out the Tie ur Knot Instagram page more tips and tricks on tying headscarves.

Tie ur Knot ships to the US and select international locations. Our products can be found in select shops throughout the US and beyond so keep an eye for our scarves at shops near you.



The Tie Ur Knot Team