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Tie ur Knot was founded in 2019 with the idea of bringing a higher level of fashion and comfort to the head scarf industry. No matter why you’re shopping for head scarves - be it fashion, religion, health or otherwise - we want our customers to feel beautiful and proud to wear the Tie ur Knot brand.

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The Lily

The Lily$28.00

Our TUK Headscarves comes in different styles. We have it in square, triangle, light grip and pre-tied adjustable. Square: TUK Square Scarf collection is made of lightweight, br...

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Product Title$99.00

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Best Seller ~ Best Seller~
Charcoal Terry Pre Tie Adjustable

Charcoal Terry Pre Tie Adjustable$36.00

Our Terry line of headscarves is the newest and latest addition to our growing collection! Summer and hot days will not prevent you to enjoy our headgears. Made of 100% Terry ...