T.U.K Dri Fit Houndstooth Scarf

T.U.K Dri Fit Houndstooth Scarf

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- Drifit fabric - does not gather sweat or get weighed down by water. Dries easily and quickly in the sun. Water will not ruin the fabric. 

- Sewn into a triangle shape for your convenience 

- Ultra thin grip band sewn in so that the scarf will not budge and the band will not get weighed down by sweat or water.

- Sporty look and feel to the scarf- perfect for active wear and for the pool

- Water resistant and budge proof- perfect for a beach/pool day! 


WASH Instructions: 

- We recommend washing separately with cold water on a delicate cycle and air dry only. 

- Iron the edges of the scarf for a flatter look.

- Use caution with high levels of chlorine. Do not soak scarf in high levels of chlorine.