Fall Floral Foliage Square
Fall Floral Foliage Square

Fall Floral Foliage Square

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TUK Square Scarf collection is made of a lightweight, breathable cotton blend that has a slight grip to it. Measured by 100cm by 100cm, these scarves can be customized to fit any headsize- simply fold the square scarf into a triangle and put it on!

Tutorials on how to tie your TUK square headscarf and style it are up on our Instagram (@tie_ur_knot) and Tiktok (@TUK_Collection). The comfort of these tichels simply can't be beat, and you will find yourself reaching for your TUK scarf daily. Our prints and design are fashionable, elegant and unique, making it an exquisite present for your friends or family, but especially for you:)

For care: use mild products, wash in delicate cycle and air dry. Your scarf will be ready for next use in no time!

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