Magenta Bathing Suit Pre Tied Adjustable

Magenta Bathing Suit Pre Tied Adjustable

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Looking for headwraps to match your bathing suit? Do all your headscarves fall right off or get ruined in the pool? Then you came to the right place!, welcome to Our TUK Bathing suit Headscarf Collection! Made with actual bathing suit material similar to polyester, nylon and elastane, this will surely make you stand out!

These headwraps/headscarves/tichels/hijabs are completely waterproof! These headscarves are also quick and easy to dry, just like your bathing suit! We also made sure that the grip is tight and will not slip and waterproof. Choose among our colorful and vibrant designs to stay fashionable even during the summer season!

All bathing suit scarves are made in our innovative Pre tied Adjustable technology, featuring an adjustable drawstring to make these scarves truly fit anyone, pre tied and ready to throw on, and a grip bad sewn in.

For care, use mild products, wash in delicate cycle and air dry. Your scarf will be ready for next use in no time.